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Salt Lake City Wrongful Death Lawyer

The loss of a loved-one can be heartbreaking. But it is especially devastating when it happens to a family member due to the negligence of others. When that family member is head of the household and the primary source of income, it can bring tremendous financial hardships. My name is Christian Burridge and I am a Salt Lake City wrongful death attorney. Countless people are killed in accidents due to the negligence of others. It can happen at the workplace. It can happen in a car accident. But when it happens due to the fault of a negligent party, it is important for immediate family members to seek legal representation for wrongful death.

How We Can Help

When a family member suddenly dies, it can be emotionally traumatic. But it can be even more financially damaging. There are so many issues that need to be addressed. Who is going to pay the bills? How do I pay for funeral arrangements? Who is going to provide for the children? It is vital to have a Salt Lake City wrongful death attorney to protect your rights and the best interests of your family. Together, my legal team and I will address all of these questions and concerns and so much more. Here is how the Christian Burridge Personal Injury Law Firm can help.

  • Gather Evidence: Every facet of your wrongful death case will be investigated thoroughly by our legal team. Our staff does everything, including the collection of data from police reports all the way to obtaining medical records and visiting the accident scene.
  • Determine Proper Compensation: The death of a spouse or family member can bring many different types of expenses and liability. The legal professionals at the Christian Burridge Personal Injury Law Firm takes into consideration lost income, funeral and burial expenses, lost wages, cost of hospitalization and future medical treatment.
  • Prepare Paperwork: The receive the maximum compensation for wrongful death, it is vital to make sure all paperwork is completed accurately and timely. Because the death of a loved one can be a difficult time in the lives of our clients, my staff and I place a priority on making everything as easy as possible. We can help obtain all the proper form and legal documents needed to correctly file your case during every step of the legal process.

A Salt Lake City Personal Injury Law Firm That Cares

A wrongful death lawsuit can never bring back your loved one. But it can ease the significant financial burden placed on the spouse and immediate family. Our job is to always place the client in the best position to succeed by protecting their rights and always looking after their best interests. It starts with a complete commitment to always place the needs of the client first. From the moment they visit for an initial consultation and all the way through trial, we will always be in their corner.

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Attorney Christian Burridge has successfully represented numerous people who have lost a loved-one due to wrongful death since 2003. Over the years, he has earned a reputation for helping people get through this difficult time of their lives and to move on with complete peace of mind. Nobody can replace the deceased. However, it is vital for the spouse and family members to recover the proper compensation they deserve. To learn more, contact the legal team at the Christian Burridge Personal injury Law Firm and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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