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Blood Test or Breath Test in DUI cases

July 20, 2017 By bridgelawadmin

Blood Test or Breath Test in DUI cases

When people are pulled for driving under the influence, the last thing they think about is the type of sobriety test they should take. But this is particularly important for victims of such accidents and their families. Although breath tests are pretty accurate, sometimes blood tests are also necessary to  measure the amount of blood alcohol levels with exactitude. The main difference between both of these tests is accuracy. Furthermore, the breath test can not be taken while the blood test can be retaken. Contact a Salt Lake City DUI accident attorney to find out about legal ways to protect yourself from drunk drivers.

Breath test

Sometimes people get the wrong idea of breath tests. They are not depicted as they should in films or popular videos.   When suspects take a breath test, they need to go to the closest police station where they are observed for about 20  minutes. This is to make sure the suspect doesn’t do anything that will rend inaccurate test results. The person taking the test will blow into the  intoxylizer machine twice. As long as the results are similar and above .08 they are accurate. But some attorneys can challenge these results by arguing they are flawed because every individual’s blood alcohol level is different therefore the readings are inaccurate.

Blood test

During the blood test, two vials of blood are drawn, one for the attorney and the other for the state. The blood provided can be retested.  This method is quite accurate so it is difficult to disprove it. However, some flaws such as the blood decomposition and cross-contamination may yield inaccurate results.

Helping victims of DUI

Not all DUI accidents were caused by driving under the influence. There are a couple of factors that would have to be considered in order to demonstrate that the victims are entitled to full compensation. At Christian Burridge Law Firm we are committed to excellence in everything you do. We have experience in all vehicle accident cases, even those that were not caused by alcohol consumption.

Investigating the accident

There are a few ways to prove the driver was negligent. Being impaired by alcohol is negligence in itself but sometimes distracted driving is also linked to DUI accidents. Whatever your circumstances are, make sure you hire a Salt Lake City DUI accident attorney to investigate the accident and prove your deserve compensation.

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