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Don’t text and drive in Utah

June 22, 2017 By bridgelawadmin

Don’t text and drive in Utah

If you don’t have a hands-free system, don’t reply that text or e-mail unless you have a medical emergency or need to report some criminal activity. While the use of cell phones is not fully prohibited in Utah, drivers are not allowed to text while operating a vehicle. Careless driving is also illegal, which means that any activity that distracts the driver may also be illegal. Things can get tough for drivers violating these laws when they don’t have a Salt Lake City distracted driving attorney guiding their steps along the way.

Texting laws and enforcement

All drivers in Utah can’t text while driving. Texting is defined as communication between two people using a telephone or computer. Some exceptions such as medical emergencies may apply.

The punishment for texting and driving can be very severe with up to $750 in fines and three months in jail. However, if the distracted driving was the cause of any injuries or death, there can be up to $10,000 in fines and 15 years in prison. These are primary laws, which means, the officer can pull someone over for texting and driving, even if there wasn’t any other offense.

How an attorney can help

When a driver allows a distraction to get in the way of safely operating a vehicle, he or she has opened the door for disaster. Although the insurance will most likely pay for the damages, there are other charges the distracted driver may face. This is why it’s important having a Salt Lake City distracted driving attorney investigating all the facts. In order to prove that someone’s distracted driving caused all the harm, adequate evidence needs to be gathered. With a skilled attorney on your side, you have more chances of obtaining compensation for all your losses.

Gathering evidence

Your evidentiary support will prove that the driver engaged in distracted driving and this was the main cause of the collision. Other factors such as when the driver is uninsured, will also be considered. Attorneys know how to handle these types of cases. Important evidence will include:

  • Phone records
  • Depositions and interrogations
  • Witnesses
  • Photographs
  • Security camera footage
  • Driver’s testimony
  • Police report

Some complex cases may require the input of professionals that will help reconstruct the accident and provide specialized advice. As long as the evidence proves that the driver was distracted before the accident, you will have a solid proof of negligence.


By now, drivers in Salt Lake City should be aware that distracted driving is dangerous. Some helpful tips that can help you prevent these distractions include:

  • Focus – This means looking ahead for any obstacles on the road.
  • Store items on the car properly – Some stuff could roll around in the car and you may need to use it.
  • Finish your snacks at home as well as dressing and grooming.
  • Secure pets and children.
  • Put aside all electronic distractions.
  • Stop your vehicle if an important activity demands your attention.