Your First Year Riding a Bike is the Most Dangerous One |
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Your First Year Riding a Bike is the Most Dangerous One

July 21, 2017 By bridgelawadmin

Your First Year Riding a Bike is the Most Dangerous One

Recent statistics show that the most dangerous time for cyclists is their first year, particularly the first few months, as much insurance claims occur during that time.  Besides inexperience, studies show that safety courses can be very helpful. In fact, they may reduce crash risks. Contact a Salt Lake City motorcycle accident attorney if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident.

The first days are the worst

It’s natural to feel afraid or nervous when riding a bike for the first time. The first 30 days are especially dangerous for the newbie cyclists. Some may feel too excited but this excitement can cost them their lives. Operating a motorcycle is not that easy. It requires expertise that a licensing course may not be able to offer. Just one simple task such as pulling out on a hill needs a bunch of actions.

Statistics clearly speak

Many studies show that a high percentage of motorcycle collisions happen during the first month. While some claim inexperience as the main cause for this, bicyclists should be careful when hitting the road for the first time. Most accidents occur in supersport bikes prefered by young people. Although there are amazing training courses out there, they obviously can’t offer experience. This is something your build as your ride.

How a motorcycle safety course can help

Ignorance is the mother of all mistakes. Taking a safety course can only help you ride safely. These courses are taught by people with experience and this is exactly what you want. Even if you are an advanced rider, you can refresh some riding tricks you may have forgotten over the years. Let’s face it. Our roads are constantly rebuilt to newer and more efficient versions. Also, technology is being incorporated in ways we may not be familiar with. New traffic laws are also being implemented and it’s important we are up to date with the new changes taking place.

Gathering evidence

Here are some steps your attorney may take in order to gather evidence for your motorcycle accident case:

  • Scene evidence and police reports

  • Witnesses statements

  • Pictures of the accident

We are here for you

It’s a bit difficult for injured riders to recover compensation for all losses and injuries sustained in the accident if you don’t have a Salt Lake City motorcycle accident attorney who can fully protect your rights. Even when your vehicle is covered by PIP insurance, it may not cover motorcycle crashes. Some uninsured motorcyclists struggle to pay their medical expenses, particularly when they are not able to work due to injuries sustained in the accident.  Attorneys can collect all the evidence needed and ensure you are compensated accordingly.   Reach out to us during your time of need and we won’t disappoint you. You are your loved ones may be entitled to compensation you don’t know about. We want to help you reach the maximum compensation possible for your particular case and circumstances.