What Happens to a Passenger After an Accident?
If you are injured in the accident, You should seek a free initial consultation from one of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Salt Lake CIty.
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What Happens to a Passenger After an Accident?

July 27, 2017 By bridgelawadmin

What Happens to a Passenger After an Accident?

Car accidents have many different aspects to them and passenger safety or personal injury is one that is often overlooked. A passenger enters a car putting faith and trust in the driver to arrive at their intended destination safely. Suddenly they are involved in an accident. Everything becomes a blur and you have to seek medical attention, miss work and are left traumatized. You are left wondering how to pay for all of this and if there is a way to get compensation for your damages. Do you go after your friend’s insurance company or the other driver’s? The best person to answer these questions and any others is a Salt Lake CIty car accident attorney.

Claim Against the Driver

Passengers have the right to sue the driver of the vehicle they are riding in for various circumstances including a single-vehicle crash. Drivers have a reasonable care obligation to anyone who is a passenger in their car. Many passengers are hesitant to sue the driver because of the relationship they have. The lawsuit is ultimately against the driver’s insurance company and will most likely not be severely impacted. A passenger will need to contact a Salt Lake City passenger injury attorney to discuss options and potential outcomes. If you are pursuing a claim you should not speak to an insurance adjuster until counsel is retained.

Passengers are Never at Fault

It is the responsibility of drivers to keep their passengers safe as well as passengers in other cars. Since passengers are never at fault they are able to recover the full amount of damages. There is one exception and that is a comparative fault where you knowingly get into a car with an impaired driver. If there is an accident, the insurance company will argue that you knew the risk of getting into the car and the potential for injury. Some policies allow you to be compensated for a percentage of your injuries. The percentage is determined by how much you contributed to the accident.

Car Insurance Coverage

When fault cannot be determined or is split between both drivers, compensation is difficult to obtain without a Salt Lake City personal injury attorney. A lawyer can ensure you are paid by both or one of the drivers. Sometimes the at fault driver’s insurance does not cover the full damages and they were only liable for a percentage of the accident. This would be a case when a passenger may get compensation from both insurance companies. Drivers will sometimes offer to pay passengers for damages and try to convince them not to go through the insurance company. This is never a good idea, regardless of the relationship you may have. You need to report the incident to the insurance company regardless of how minor the accident and damages were. You should seek a free initial consultation from one of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Salt Lake CIty.