Why You Need Commercial Car Insurance? Car Accident Attorney
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Why You Need Commercial Car Insurance?

August 24, 2017 By bridgelawadmin

Why You Need Commercial Car Insurance?

In today’s global economy, more people in Salt Lake City are making money through their own online business. Many others use the internet to work from home. If your business or job depends on providing goods and services to your customers, it is vital to have dependable transportation. But does your commercial vehicle have proper insurance? While many small business owners choose to use their own personal car insurance, it may not provide sufficient coverage in the event of a car accident attorney in Salt Lake City during work use.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Having the right type of insurance coverage can often make the difference between receiving the maximum compensation to account for injuries and damages or having your claim underpaid or even denied. Before you enroll for commercial car insurance, here are some questions business owners need to ask. If you answer “yes” to any of these question, it is vital to insure your vehicles for commercial car insurance.

Is your car used for any deliveries or pickups of goods and supplies?

Are any of your cars used for transportation service, such as limousines or taxis?

Are any of your cars leased or owned by a company or partnerships?

Are any of your cars titled or registered with a company?

Do any employees or non-listed drivers use your cars on a daily basis?

Are any of your cars rented or leased to others?

Commercial vs Personal Car Insurance

There are several differences between commercial and personal car insurance. But the most fundamental distinctions deal with the extent and purpose of coverage. Business owners have unique interests that are different from most people, including increased liability risk. However there are some other features commercial car insurance offers not found in most personal car insurance policies. Here are a few.

Non-owned vehicle coverage- This protects business owners and their employees while driving cars or trucks not owned the company.

Any auto liability- This is liability coverage that is extended on any existing coverage cars or truck to any new vehicles.

Individual named insurance coverage- Extended commercial coverage given to any car or truck you do not own.

Rental reimbursement with downtime- This covers costs of any rental vehicle used to temporarily replace a commercial car or truck.

Single deductible options- If your vehicle hauls a trailer or any type of specialized work equipment, coverage can be extended to those items. Coverage allows the policyholder to pay their deductible once for any claim on either the truck or the trailer.

Have You Been in a Commercial Vehicle Accident? Contact Salt Lake City Car Accident Attorney Christian Burridge for a Free Initial Consultation?

Car accident victims suffer many hardships. In addition to physical and emotional trauma, they must also deal with financial issues, such as paying for medical bills, damages while accounting for lost wages. Attorney Christian Burridge understands the challenges and obstacles facing accident victims. He and the legal team at the Christian Burridge Law Firm are committed to protecting the rights of each client and always looking after their best interests. If you have been injured in a commercial vehicle accident due to the negligence of others, contact his Salt Lake City law office today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.