New controversial drunk driving law passed in Utah
Do you know the new bill lowering BAC levels to 0.05 in the Utah? That is the new controversial drunk driving law passed in Utah by Gov. Herbert, They believe that that will save many lives.
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New controversial drunk driving law passed in Utah

April 28, 2017 By bridgelawadmin

New controversial drunk driving law passed in Utah

The amount of drunk driving arrests has significantly increased in Utah over the past few years. And now with the new bill lowering BAC levels to 0.05 in the state, the Highway Patrol has doubled their efforts to be able to handle the arrests more efficiently. With the new controversial law being passed and more officers wondering Utah streets during normal drinking hours, chances are the percentage of DUI arrests will be much higher in the coming years. In the midst of all this chaos, you may need to find answers to your DUI questions from an experienced Salt Lake City car accident attorney.

Many of the DUI cases in Utah are actually people who don’t consume alcohol. They simply took their medication as prescribed by the doctor. The officers believe their ability to drive is impaired and they should suffer the same penalties as someone who had too much alcohol at the bar. People often feel intimidated by the police. Remember that cops need to establish a reason for the arrest. Although you can refuse to take the test, the consequences are very severe in the State of Utah. Your license is revoked and you won’t be able to drive 5 to 10 years with any measurable alcohol in your body.

Utah’s new bill is the strictest in the nation. The law doesn’t really target drinking but impaired driving. It definitely needs some modifications before is passed on Dec 31, 2018. Although Gov. Herbert believes this is a good policy that will save lives, he also wants to call a session to address any consequences. This may delay the bill’s implementation beyond 2019. Some people can reach 0.05 BCA after just one drink and they may be subject to unfair arrests, thousands of dollars in fine, and even jail.

Some authorities truly believe this bill will help eliminate public fatalities and ensure the safety of both residents and visitors. Over 100 countries have implemented this law and achieve their goals of reducing impaired driving. Alcohol impairment generally starts before 0.08 percent, therefore, the new test should be more accurate. However, this can affect businesses and tourism in the state negatively as more people will be scared to visit a restaurant and have a drink that could land them in jail for DUI. Also, many tourists may decide to go to a different state where they can freely enjoy a drink.

Finding DUI attorney for your case may be the wisest decision you ever made in the state of Utah. If you have been arrested for DUI, help is on the way. Call Burridge Law Firm today! Christian Burridge will aggressively fight any DUI charges involving both refusal, or a chemical test of the blood and urine in Salt Lake City.