Preventing outdoor trip and fall accidents
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Preventing outdoor trip and fall accidents

July 13, 2017 By bridgelawadmin

Preventing outdoor trip and fall accidents

Summer is the best season to spend time outdoors. The beautiful weather is always so inviting. Spending time outside can boost your physical and mental health and recharge your batteries. But what happens when you trip and fall during an outdoor excursion? While we can’t control our natural environment, we can certainly protect ourselves from many outdoor accidents and claim our rights with a Salt Lake City trip and fall accident attorney.

Routine maintenance

When it comes to slip and fall accidents maintenance is everything. It’s important to keep facilities and the roads free from hazards. Some risk areas that may need routine maintenance include:

  • Sidewalks – The wear and tear can definitely damage sidewalks, curbs or any other outdoor area people often use. This is why it’s important to keep these areas clear and well maintained. Obstacles such as rocks, roots, and debris should not be in the way.
  • The handicap – Handicap entrances and exits need to be labeled as such.
  • Floors – Some surfaces require more maintenance than others but keeping these surfaces free from slippery fluids will definitely help avoid slip and fall accidents. Also, slippery floors can be covered with mats to prevent a fall.
  • Lighting – Lighting inspections should be conducted on a regular basis. Seasons change therefore lights need to be adjusted. Some days it gets dark earlier than others.
  • Parking lots – Everyone knows some parking lots out there are not as well maintained as they should be. Some parking lots have cracks and holes, which owners are responsible for repairing. Sometimes there is also floor unevenness. When one section is significantly higher than the other, someone can slip and fall.
  • Outdoor lighting – Some outdoor areas aren’t well lit. When property owners know about these issues and don’t fix the problem they may be held liable for trip and fall injuries.

Trip and fall lawsuits are very common these days. The conditions described above are generally the cause of such accidents. Whether at a supermarket, sidewalk or at a park, pedestrians are exposed to many dangers that can be easily corrected and avoided if property owners do proper maintenance.

Seek compensation with a Salt Lake City trip and fall accident attorney

Trip and fall accidents can become very costly as they involve medical bills and time off from work. Victims of such accidents shouldn’t have to struggle when the accident was clearly not their fault. It’s important to file a lawsuit against the individuals responsible for the accident. If you have been injured in a trip and fall accident, you can receive compensation for lost income and medical expenses. The first and most crucial step to obtain compensation is to contact a Salt Lake City trip and fall accident attorney to evaluate your case and tell you how much you are entitled to receive. Attorneys can gather evidence that proves the accident was not caused by you. From photographs, medical records, and witnesses, everything is important to ensure you receive the most compensation possible. Contact us today and schedule your initial case evaluation with attorney Christian Burridge.