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The most controversial drunk and driving law reviewed by the Utah’s and now it's reduced to .08% to .05%. Read more in the blog about the debate on the rule and supporter of the law.
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Utah’s .05 DUI law reviewed

June 9, 2017 By bridgelawadmin

Utah’s .05 DUI law reviewed


A controversial bill reducing the legal drinking limit from .08% to .05% was recently proposed and reviewed in Utah. Some people don’t support the law as even social drinkers may be considered criminals. Although the battle against drunk driving is real in the state and throughout our nation, passing this law may not be a good solution to the increasing crash fatalities. Statistics clearly show that only 8% drivers who have been involved in a crash have a .05 to .08 blood alcohol level and in most cases, it’s not clear whether intoxication caused the accident or not. Lawmakers argue that impair driving starts at .02 or .03 and this new law will ensure public safety. If you have suffered serious injuries in a drunk driving accident, contact a Salt Lake City DUI Accident Attorney to protect your rights.

The debate

Groups not endorsing the .05 DUI law, including liquor stores and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, say Utah is the first state to implement such law. They believe it could hurt Utah’s tourism and the economy as many people will avoid visiting the state. This bill could target casual drinkers who are simply enjoying a meal with friends and family. In other words, the law may criminalize responsible drinking. Governor Gary Herbert wants to request a session to review the bill before it’s passed by the end 2018. Although similar laws have been implemented in European countries, there are also other factors that may have contributed to the reduced amount of fatalities in these countries such as their sobriety checkpoints.


Lawmakers argue that the new law can protect innocent people against drunk driving. They add that laws can sometimes misguide us. Impaired driving generally starts under .08 BAC. Data clearly shows that drivers can be partially impaired at .05 BAC. The Utah Substance Abuse Advisory Council is also supporting the bill since it promotes safe driving. Some DUI officers have reported drivers who already think the law is in effect and they are careful about their actions.
Deaths related to drunk driving have doubled in in Utah over the past years while decreasing nationwide. Annual liquor sales have also increased significantly. It takes only a couple of drinks to reach .05%. Countries such as France, Germany, Austria have already implemented this law or even stricter ones. In Poland, the blood alcohol limit is only .02.

You may need a Salt Lake City DUI accident attorney

When auto accidents are caused by drunk driving, it’s convenient to hire experienced legal representation from a Salt Lake City DUI Accident Attorney. Whatever your situation is, we are here to help you and ensure you get compensation for the pain and discomfort the accident has caused. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and discuss your legal options with Salt Lake City personal injury attorney Christian Burridge.