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some roads are safer and some are too Dangerous for driving. Read more on to know some of Utah’s most dangerous roads. Which are the Accidentdental Zone.
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Utah’s Five Most Dangerous Roads

April 9, 2017 By bridgelawadmin

Utah’s Five Most Dangerous Roads

Utah’s Five Most Dangerous Roads

Utah is one of the most beautiful states to live. The picturesque Wasatch Mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop and some of a gorgeous sunsets in the country. One of the best ways to enjoy the state’s natural beauty is to take to the roadways. But some roads are safer than others. Each year, countless people are killed or seriously injured in car accidents throughout Utah. Due to its high population, Salt Lake City leads the state in road fatalities. But it is also important to know to know there are other dangerous roadways through the state. Here are some of Utah’s most dangerous roads.

U.S. Route 89

U.S. Route 89 is one of the Utah’s oldest highways. Created in 1926, it stretches 502 miles from Arizona all the way to Logan, UT.  While it is steeped in history, it ranks among some the most dangerous roads to drive according to the Utah Crash Database. Visibility, particularly during Winter, can be a challenge. It has been known for its unusually high rate of head-on collisions. It is often used by tourists who are looking to travel to the Beaver Ski Resort.


Although I-70 is one of the longest highways in the nation (stretching 2,153 miles), it does not connect to any major metropolitan areas. I-70 runs from Baltimore, MD all the way to Cove Fort in Utah. This superhighway has the fourth largest death toll in Utah alone, despite being located in strictly rural areas.


The most heavily used highway among motorists in Utah is I-15. It runs from the North tip of the state all the way to Southwest corner. It also stretches through some of the state’s major cities, including St. George, Provo and the Wasatch Front. What makes this freeway unique is its higher speed limit. Unfortunately, far too many motorists take advantage and drive recklessly resulting in the high number of car accident deaths in the state.

U.S. Route 6

Perhaps few roads are more unpredictable than U.S. Rout 6. One particular stretch between Spanish Fork and Price is filled with challenging twists and turns. It can wreak havoc for a driver that is impaired or distracted. Although the state has made greater efforts to improve its condition, U.S. Route 6 is a roadway that demands respect from its motorists.


When most people think of Utah’s most dangerous roads, I-80 usually does not make their list. I-80 is one of the nation’s longest highways, stretching from San Francisco to New York City. The highway stretches only 196 miles through the northern area of Utah. But despite its small and remote location in the state, it ranks as the third most dangerous roadway in the state.

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